Brief Introduction About Devchuli Municipality

Devchuli municipality is situated in the Nawalparasi district (east of Bardaghat Susta) in the mid-part of 150 km from the  Capital City Kathmandu,Nepal. According to the decision of the Government of Nepal, the date of the Council of Ministers by the Government of Nepal, including the Dibyapuri, Devchuli and Pragatinagar  V.D.C, the municipal date declared as the decision of the Nepal government  on March 11, It is a municipality formed inclusive. Nepal No. 4 Province.The total area of ​​this municipality in the state has been 112.72 square km. Gandakot Municipality in its east,Hupsekot Rural Municipality and kawasoti Municipality in its west, Bulingtar Rural Municipality in the North and Chitwan National park in its South.